Feb 15, 2008

A long and sunny stroll

A day off from work, sunshine, nostalgia and love made this late january walk unforgettable. We really didn't have a goal for our walk or a destination so we climbed up some hills, walked through fields and forests, saw old childhood playgrounds and had wonderful conversations meanwhile. The nature is truly inspirational to me. I really feel I can breath there, heck I should move to the country! I guess I am a country girl alright.

I photographed these with my cell phone!


Nancy said...

"Move to the country"??? Are you bailing on bein a 08? That could never be. That is simply not done. I will not belive you.
But I get you. ;)

Carolina Grönholm said...

yup in a cosy cottage with a lake and a view of mountains. That is my dream home.

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