Mar 4, 2008

Doll face

I was going through some drawings of mixed media I've done and found this doll face I did at the end of last year and forgotten to put up here. So here she is. I think I'll name her Sophie.
Other than Sophie I and J went and saw 'I'm not there' by Todd Haynes at biografen Sture. I enjoyed it but I guess one can be a little confused if not knowing so much about Bob Dylan, which J seemed to be....haha! I'm always dragging him to Sture to see my kind of movies. The last movie before this I dragged him to Sture to see 'Control' which he said he liked. That's good. A boyfriend with good taste is very good.

Ink pen on paper and PhotoStudio.


Anonymous said...

Verkligen jättefin! Och sjukt snygg blogrubrikbild..!

Carolina Grönholm said...

aaawww tack dodge! är du orange eller vit?

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