Feb 4, 2009

My dearly loved books

My latest books, some of them I'm finished with and some I haven't even started with.
From top till bottom are H P Lovecrafts 'The Dreams In The Witch House' - I have never read his books before! I don't know why....cause I've always been curious of his storys.
'Till Alla Jag Legat Med' by Mikael Sol - I got this copy from a friend all signed as a gift, thank you Feliks!
'La Perdida' by Jessica Abel - I loved this story set in Mexico, It felt good reading a little Spanish again.
I also liked her other graphic novel 'Mirror Window'.
'Buddy Does Seattle' the complete Buddy Bradley Stories from Hate Comics vol 1 by Peter Bagge - I love this! I've read a couple of Hate issues before but this was more than 8 years ago and It didn't catch me then, but now! I don't know how Buddy puts up with those girls though Buddy himself isn't perfect I know.
'The Book Of Shiatsu' by Paul Lundberg - I hope this is good, I need to catch up with my teachings.
'Jag Är Din Flickvän Nu' by Nina Hemmingsson - In about a year now whenever I was in Akademibokhandeln
(a bookstore) I'd read a little from this fantastic book and then the last time I was there I finally bought it and man was I not dissapointed. Her storys to the drawings are of dark humor which I love, and her drawing style is really funny.
'The Lagoon' by Lilli Carré - This I have not started with but I've seen her drawings at her website and I just adore them!
'Abandonned Cars' by Tim Lane - Lookes fantastic, I haven't started reading this yet though. It supposed to be dark short stories, sounds interesting!


Malachi Ward said...

You've got some good ones in there. I haven't read Abandoned Cars, but it's at the top of my "To Buy" list.

Catalina said...

Perhaps you can recommend other great ones?

Peter Breese said...

Interesting, I'm not familiar with a few of these.

I'm reading Un Lun Dun by China Mieville current, which is good so far. Have you read 6 Sick Hipsters by Rayo Casablanca (he has another coming out this Spring called Very Mercenary).

Malachi Ward said...

I've been re-reading "Curses" and the two issues of "Ganges" by Kevin Huizenga. If you haven't read those, I recommend them.

Catalina said...

Thank you both, I will check them out. I haven't even heard of those books - so it will be interesting. I like going after book recommendations.