May 20, 2009

Supplies and childhood

Yey! I did some button shopping yesterday at Stadsmissionen where I also found 2 copies of Archie, Acke on Swedish. I used to love Archie comics when I was much younger and I still do! The rivalry between Betty and Veronica for Archie is so damn cute. The frontpage with Bettys outfit with rollerskates and striped knee socks is hot! Hmmm.....I should knit me a pair of those knee socks for fall.
Now back to finish an made to order necklace in my nest.


andrealynn said...

What a beautiful collection of buttons! What kind of plans do you have for them? I'm sure you will keep us updated!

Asja said...

i like buttons too! especially the colors!

Nancy Grönholm said...

Fiiina knappar! Trodde inte att du mindes Acke? Vi hade ju bara typ två ex hemma?

Nancy Grönholm said...

....äsch då, nu blir jag avis på att pyssla. ;)

Carolina Grönholm said...

andrealynn & Asja: thanks! I'm not quite sure yet what plans they involve. I have so many ideas! I'll keep you updated:)

Nancy: Acke! haha så himla kul, barnsligt kul!

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