Oct 21, 2010

Up against the cold

New cowl! I used a very thick wool yarn this time - new yarn for me, and I found it to be very comfortable to knit with. The result is very chunky and very warm, perfect for these winter days up north. Will be a regular in my jewel & accessories shop. Made as a special order for a lovely and very talented fellow etsian and customer. I'm getting some of her great things soon as well.
 I'll show you all in time. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Ny tubhalsduk! Denna gång använde jag ett väldigt tjockt ullgarn som jag verkligen tyckte om att sticka med.
Resultatet blev en väldigt varm och mysig tubhalsduk - perfekt för dessa kalla vinterdagar. Den gjordes som en specialbeställning till en underbar och talangfull etsy-kamrat och kund. Jag har beställt lite smått och gott från henne med. Jag kommer att dela det med er vid tillfälle.
Ha en fin helg alla!


k said...

I was going to do a post on cowls someday, I will be sure to add this!
And thanks so much for your comment on the guest post! I totally get the "Sweden...Switzerland" thing too - it's hilarious :)

Amy said...

I just love your pics-- you are soooooo gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Love that cowl, sooo cozzzy. :-) xx Emily

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks girls, you are so sweet!
Krystal - how can I thank you? :) appreciate it very much!
Amy - I'm so glad, I've been struggling (still does) with my photos for so long. I don't know if they are getting better so I do love it when you give me feedback, thanks! xxxx

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