Feb 15, 2011

I Was Lucky Enough

to have a gorgeous friend to model my jewelry on my recent photo shoot. It felt nice for once to stand behind the camera instead of front and I didn't have to edit these pictures as much by the fact that she's naturally beautiful. Some of these necklaces are already up in shop and some are not - those will be up by the end of next week. 
I hope you like it!

I will be in Spain in the next couple of days so I may be low on new projects to show but I will be here with some photos of my little holiday trip in the sun anyway. Ta-da! Stay safe.


k said...

oh my goodness, have fun in spain!

karuski said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I had a friend near me to model my jewelry pieces, you're a lucky girl.

ps. Thanks for the Sunday at Moderna Museet, I had fun!


Galit said...

She is gorgeous indeed and the photos came out great!!!

have fun in Spain! You lucky girl! Looking forward for the photos!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you girls!
Karuski, thank you - It was fun!

Anna said...

Åh, åh, tack för peppen och de fina orden. Nu blev jag glad. Och halsbanden är ju jätte-jättefina!

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