Feb 26, 2011

Latest crochet creation

is made with a very lovely soft yarn. 

Do you like it? 
( I myself are in love with it - I need to make another one )


Galit said...

Yes yes yes!! Beautiful! But I'm in love with whatever you're creating...

By the way, the last photo is so great and I just love your dress!!

M.M.E. said...

Gorgeous! It's a really good color choice because it will go with almost everything you own. I love the loose, slouched appearance of it as well. It just exudes 'I'm cozy'.

Unknown said...

That's lovely! I have yet to master clothing... not for lack of trying though :-)

spoonful said...

Jättefin, längtar efter sommar. Skulle passa bra en sommarkväll.

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece!! It will be great for the spring time :D

Carolina Grönholm said...

Galit: Thank you dear! I'm glad you like my dress, I sometimes have difficulties finding clothes to wear at my photo shoot. Now I only have to wait a couple of months so I can wear it outside ;)

MME: Thanks! I'm feeling good about the color choice as well :)

JacBer: Thank you, I'm sure you can!

Spoonful: Tack! Jag med. För sjutton vad jag längtar till sommaren.

Lyn: Thank you girl!

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