Apr 24, 2011

Beatrix Potter and Millesgården

I finally got to see the exhibition of Beatrix Potter's work at Millesgården. It was really cute but rather small. The sculpture park outside the exhibition was amazing, especially on this beautiful sunny spring day. 

Fun for the kids and young at heart adults? There were rabbit ear hats and childrens kitchen stuff to play with. 

Photos of Beatrix Potter and fantastic wall paper.

I'm mad about birch trees right now. I draw them all the time.

One cool thing I have to share is this music video of Sunshine Superman with Donovan. It was filmed at Millesgården in 1966! Love Donovan. 

Hope you're having a fantastic easter weekend!


Nancy Grönholm said...

avis. flickan som fiskar ser ju precis ut som Bauer! fotot med dammen - drömsk.

karuski said...

It looks like a wonderful small exhibition. The long weekend has been great over here. Warm and sunny, spring is finally here:)


Carolina Grönholm said...

Nancy: Vi får väl åka dit tillsammans snart! ett sommarbesök kanske?

Karuski: It sounds lovely! I hope summer is around the corner!

k said...

It looks kind of magical!

Galit said...

I love Beatrix Potter! I have to admit that I have 'discovered' her rather late, just after my daughter was born. Her world his magical.
Your photos are great! I love the photo o the girl on the round carpets. So beautiful!!!

P.S. I've tagged you on my blog. Check my last post. x

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