Sep 12, 2011

On the road sketches

Detroit skyline. 

In Nashville on a cold rainy day. 

In hot memphis drinking cold beer.

We're enjoying our last days of our vacation but it will be sort of sweet returning home - like Elvis used to say: Taking care of business or TCB, that's what I'll do. And I miss Sau! my little fat cat with the cutest paws!


Rick Forrestal said...

Glad you're having a blast on your vacation.
(I love your blog.)

illustration poetry said...

hope everythings fine :)


Joan said...

really cool drawings! congrats!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you guys and dolls! Everything is great!

Kim Baise said...

i like "drinking a cold beer in hot memphis!"
great drawings of your trip!

Adelina Lirius, Illustration said...

SV: Tack snälla du, jag använder tusch, blyerts, och collage.

Super fina teckningar du gjort. och vilka fantastiska smycken!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Kim; Now that I'm back home to a rather cool Sweden I've changed it to "drinking a warm cup of tea in cold Stockholm" :)

Adelina: Tack så mycket, alltid kul att höra vad andra använder sig av för material!

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