Mar 6, 2013

White Eagle - New illustration

Fly swift, fly high across the sky - my soul bird...

My latest drawing is based on some hazy memories of past travels and a revisited daydream of flying free as an eagle. 
A repetitive topic of mine it seems ;D

This is only one of the many illustrations i've done lately and maybe soon i'll be able to post something special i've been working on.
 It's all very exciting and something i've been quiet about for some time now. Hoping soon! 

Meanwhile a little song I used to listen to a lot a couple of years ago during my early travels:




MrsLittleJeans said...

Eagles are incredible and flying like them would be insanely much detail in that illustration...Look forward to seeing your new work and thanks for the music...never heard it but I think it could become addictive ,,,happy wednesday Carolina xx

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Mona, it's such a great feeling of satisfying when finished with an illustration of intricate details :)
So happy you liked the song!

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