Aug 18, 2013

Life as a student

So a new chapter in life has begun. 
I'm studying Motion Graphics design at Hyper Island here in Stockholm, full time for 1 year. 
Already 2 weeks have passed and I've come to understand and feel the intensity of this school. 
We've had some interesting lectures on digital media and much more. 
There's been a lot of challenges, individual and in small and larger groups. 
Lot's of time for reflection and a lot of fun energizers!

     We also have lots of fun! Excuse the awful mobile quality...




Zyzanna said...

Sounds really exciting! Give us updates as to how it is going :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Zyzanna, it really is! I will definitely post more updates :) Have a great Sunday!

Rick Forrestal said...

How cool.
Keep us updated throughout the year.
Love the pics (and ping-pong video).

Mouseblossom said...

It looks so intense yet exciting... Good luck! XO

Carolina Grönholm said...

Rick: Thanks, I will try my best posting new stuff :)

Mouseblossom: It's exactly how you describe it, thanks!

roberto M. said...

Yo quiero ir a ese curso!!! :))

Carolina, Congratulations, is a tempting course, I guess when you go out there, you want already to return to the next class :)
thereby happen to me ... (anxiety ... they call it out there :)
Tell us more as time goes on!

k said...

enjoy!! i so wish i were in school...i love lectures, haha :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Roberto: Thanks, it's always so much fun. This school is very exciting!

Krystal: Haha, thanks!

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