Sep 29, 2013

World Of Motion - Project Europe

Time flies when you're having fun...
Wow, a month has passed since I last posted something here. 
This school is super intense, we get project after project while having personal goals of learning softwares as well. It gets a little stressed but then again i'm having loads of fun. I wonder how it'll feel around next June when I graduate..?

I have something to show you, some behind the scenes footage. 
Again, this is filmed with my iphone so not the best quality. 
We had our first project in smaller groups on the theme World Of Motion were each group had to research an continent. We talked and mailed people, studios and production companies from the industry around the world. Each group gathered the interviews into a presentation of their own choice. Some made the presentation entirely in live action, some in 2D, 3D, keynote. My group did a mix of stop motion and 2D. We built paper landscaped that presented different parts of Europe. Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe etc. 
Have a look of the behind the scenes:

We have our own "rest area". It was packed with people some hours after the presentation.



roberto M. said...

Wow, looks like the School of Architecture, :)
I love seeing creative people when they are focused on what they are doing. produces in me, the effect also want to work on something creative.
and I love to see that, in addition to learning, the atmosphere is relaxed, I think is the best way to learn. almost playing, right?
Oh, that's funny, a campsite within the school, ha ha!
I congratulate you, have a nice and creative week!!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I like the all white landscapes...I have to steal your idea of resting tent...I could use it here. GOod to see you are so right, time is flying...xx

Carolina said...

Thanks Roberto!
I'm glad you're finding inspiration from our work :)
Have a great creative week you too!

Carolina said...

Mona, so happy to see you here!
Yup your resting tent will probably be used as well as ours :)
Send kisses to the cat boys <3

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