Jan 5, 2015

New video release!

The music video I completed last autumn for Sebastian Mullaert has finally been released! 
The new year started good! 

I started creating the concept look and illustrations in August and together with my fellow Hyper Island alumni and friend Ann, we began animating in September. It was blood, sweat and tears, especially during the last week or so...but I think it turned out really good so it was definitely worth it!
Have a look: 


Official video for "Chant de Paris" by Sebastian Mullaert. T
his is a short video version of the original track.

Art Direction & Animation by Carolina Grönholm - http://www.carolinagronholm.com
Animation by Ann Rubin - http://www.annrubin.com

The illustrations got a cleaner look than I usually tend to create but I thought it would look great animated. 

Best wishes for 2015!


Rick Forrestal said...

Great design.
Nicely done.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Rick!

Carolina Grönholm said...
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Nancy Grönholm said...

There's great rythm in your vid - nad the lines, oh I love the squirming lines (or waves or whatever:D). Super :):)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Nancy: Tack!!! :-)

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