Sep 24, 2010

New illo! and I need some suggestions...

The last couple of months I've started selling larger sizes on some of my illustrations in my swedish web shop at Signerat. I'm actually selling more of the larger ones than my cards and smaller prints and that makes me want to try that as well in my Etsy art shop. I should at least try that, shouldn't I? I'll ponder on that for a while.
But I also have a new dreamy illustration ready. My cat(s) are there, like so often, in a world of lime green, grey and bits of purple and pink lines and curves. I have a problem though...what should I call it? If you have a name you think would fit or any thoughts on this one, please share them with me, I so much appreciate it!

I just want to give you a little reminder on that I'm having a blog giveaway soon, I'll keep you posted so be sure to check back if you want a free gift! 


Nancy Grönholm said...

psychedelic tailspin, the winding road, black cat strut?

Sau Paulo said...

A Catnip Trip!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you for all your suggestions!

Sau Paulo: Hysteriskt roligt, klart jag ska ta den titeln! Katterna ser ju helt höga ut av kattmynta!

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