Oct 14, 2011

The Bubble Crown deluxe....

  Let me introduce a new version of the Bubble Crown; 
Use it twisted at the front or turn it around for that new lace detail! 

These 2 are added to shop now and more will come!

Let me tell you, these were so much fun to make and I have more coming up very soon.
But in the meanwhile I just thought I show you this:


Excuse the small mobile video version (you can view it bigger), but isn't she the cutest?!


Kim Baise said...

these are so nice and cozy!i just saw your cute beetle print on christines home decor blog on the front of etsy!

trishie said...

LOVE these, so cute and comfy looking

Carolina Grönholm said...

Kim: Thank you for letting me know! I just sold 2 Beetle prints!

Trishie: Thank you:)

Foo Illustration said...

love the blog!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you, I'm glad :)

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