Mar 25, 2012

Local vintage finds + In search for the perfect desk

So this is what I do when I'm not producing my creative work. 
I love to search for pretty vintage things and this week has been all about that, searching the web and going to shops in the area. I thought I'd share some of the things I brought home with me:

2 beautiful and petite plastic rugs. Sau had to inspect and sit on it of course!
I'm pretty sure they will look perfect on the balcony floor this spring/summer. 

I found a very groovy Seiko plastic clock in bright red, still with the label (with an owl's head!) of the store. Runs perfect and is completely silent.  

And this! not really, but perhaps soon. This is what I'm searching high and low for at the moment. The perfect desk. Wouldn't mind that Eames chair to go either...

Desk chair quest
..or everything in this picture..

Majestic Gunni Omann Danish Modern Teak Desk #75 (Denmark, Omann Junn Mobelfabrik, 1955)

Wish me good luck, I'm going on a desk hunt next week and maybe maybe I'll have something to show you in my next post!



k said...

if you find a desk like that i'd be so jealous! they are so cool!

Kim Baise said...

great finds! i love those rugs (how are they made with plastic? recycled bags,crochet?) and clock too <3
the desk with eames chair are fantastic. i wish i had a place like that to work!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finds.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Krystal: They're not to hard to find here but If I get hold of one in really good shape (hard!) and not way to expensive (they are! but hey it's often so when coming to design) I would be so happy and pleased. Lets see tomorrow :)

Kim: They look very much like crocheted work. Must be a lot of work as I've myself tried on this but only for small hair flowers and my hands did hurt a lot after that :(

Martina: Thanks!

Amy said...

ooooh I LOVE the rugs! Actually I love everything in every picture. I've always loved your style! :)

Claire said...

It looks like you've been having so much fun in the vintage shops! Good luck on your desk hunt!!! A few years back I picked up a gorgeous antique desk from a little roadside junk shop for an unbelievably good price. It was made in the very early 1900's, and is just the perfect thing - both beautiful and functional (the writing table folds up over itself and keeps everything very neat)! I love the mid-century modern look you're searching for. It's such a beautiful sensibility! I hope you find the perfect thing - please keep us posted!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Amy!

Claire: Your desk sounds unbelievable practical and fun with the folded table. Something like that would be nice to find!
I will most definitely keep you posted about my search for the perfect desk! Thanks :)

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