Apr 1, 2012

The Infinity Scarf in new colors

 New printed & sewn scarfs. 
I've been a busy girl this past week trying to build up a stock of new scarfs and totes. Things are happening at this moment and I can honestly say that some of the hard work I've put into everything is now turning into something real. I'm now selling my screen printed work in a really cool boutique here in Stockholm! 

Besök butik POPLIN på Hökensgata 7 i Slussen om du vill se och prova mina scarfar och tygkassar. 

These will be up in shop in the next coming weeks.

Hope you're having a fun Sunday!
Ps. I was wrong when I thought spring had arrived....of course the snow and icy wind came back and hit me in the face so I'm spending my Sunday inside under a crochet blanket with a warm cat and a cup of lemon tea.


Kim Baise said...

congratulations on having your wears in a cool shop! i love these new scarves, especially with the coral color <3

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Kim! My fav is the ones with coral too :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarfs and I really like these tote bags. These are the hedgehogs on them, right? Sweet! :)

Lady Thirty said...

så fina!

illustration poetry said...

you look so PRETTY!!!! ^__^

illustration poetry said...

and i am adoring the scarf in new colors (which i LOVE)!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Martina: Thanks! yes it's my spiky but oh so cute hedgehog buddy.

Lady thirty: Tack!!!

Illustration P: Oh you are such a darling! a sweet one! Thank you I'm glad you like them :)

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