Jan 21, 2008

My father the sailor

This is my dad when he was young. He was a sailor back in the 50's and 60's. Dad used to work with the machinery on boats, I guess sometimes the job passes on to the children as it was with me but as a projectionist. He traveled a lot and met the most beautiful and funny little woman in Argentina, my mom of course. They are still together after more than 30 years! and I'm not sure but it has always seemed that they didn't/don't have to try so hard to be together because they fit so good, the perfect match, the BIG love. That seems so rare these days.

Old photograph redone in Illustrator.


Fredrik Sibe said...

Looks cool. Sort of reminds me of Soviet propaganda art. and your dad looks a little like Kirk Douglas. at least in this photo, I've never actually seen the guy.

Carolina Grönholm said...

haha you got to love Kirk! they had the same 50´s hair anyway..

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