Aug 26, 2015

Long time no see + new animated video!

Really! Where do time go? I haven't updated this blog since March? Oh well, I guess I have my reasons for that. Last spring was busy due to work, fun work! As in a new animated music video. It took me a couple of months but I'm really pleased of how it turned out. I directed and animated it frame by frame for the amazing Detroit band Colorwheel.

Here are some selected gifs and stills from beginning of ideation to the video:

The story is about a couple of pigeons on a psychedelic journey on The Paisley Train express. 


Thank you for watching! Ps. I still post work in progress pics almost everyday on my Instagram :)


Mar 28, 2015

Bear With Me

I started drawing this bear several months ago and it lay forgotten between other loose drawings of animals until I found it again. I guess it needed it's winter nap. Spring sun is here and spring flowers has popped up everywhere and what better time to see a newly awaken brown bear? 

Bear with me, it takes time to see progress.

This spring I'm carrying a dreamy hare on my shoulder, and you could too! 
Grab one here:

Mar 19, 2015

Into The Wild

Spring is here and i'm feeling the spirit! I'm so inspired to plant and grow new big plants. A friend gave me a little baby sprout the other day and it has been standing in water for a week now. Waiting for those tiny little roots to grow before planting in soil.
Aaaaaand so I illustrated some plants and decided to put them in the Green Isle Studio shoppe!
I just couldn't decide on only one color so I made them in three different ones, have a look here:

and for work in progress pics have a look at our instagram: 

Mar 3, 2015

Green Isle Studio, our logo

We're officially open for business! Nancy and I've been working together on various different projects for a couple of years now. It's only recently we decided to have a brand name, Green Isle Studio.  Green Islet is our given last name on English. It's very common in Sweden with names coming from nature, like for example "meadow-twig" or "Sea-flower". Very pretty, right? 

We wanted to have an organic touch to our logo as we feel it's something we stand for and also hints to in our name. We made some decisions of what colors, fonts and feelings we wanted to have with sketches. After that it all pretty much came flowing down onto paper. Nancy has such a lovely watercolor touch to her paintings and I really wanted to incoperate that into our logo. I feel this logo represent us and I'm really excited to show you our new green place! 

We will keep on adding new limited art, originals, hand printed goods and much more. We use Instagram for work in progress, previews and updates. And of course we do have our own 
Green Isle Studio Blog over at tumblr. 

We are have a special opening discount the week through on posters and prints. You don't need no code, you will automatically receive the 20% off when purchasing any paper goods. 
Thanks for all the love and support we received so far! 


Feb 21, 2015

Green Isle Studio

Here's a little preview of something me and my sister are working on. You see, we've been thinking about doing something together for ages more than just exhibitions. One of the first things will be an online shop with new drawings, limited editions, originals, printed textiles and products. 
We're planning on open very soon with special opening prices so stay tuned!

Below, the beginning of our logo sketched out by my sister Nancy Grönholm
And if you're wondering about the name for those outside of Sweden -
Green Isle is our last name translated into English.

We're on Instagram: GreenIsleStudio

Have a great weekend!

Feb 5, 2015

Quick Animation Exercise

A couple of nights a week I do small motion exercises just to learn something new. Since from the start, learning how to make my illustrations move have for me been like magic. It's so much fun and I'm enjoying everything this learning process has to offer. These two gifs was an experiment not focusing on the design but to make something quick within the specific technique before moving on and trying another new technique. 

Jan 28, 2015

Redrawn and Preview

I never redraw something that I've finished, even though I should sometimes...
I think it's just my eagerness to make a new drawing of a recent idea 
that keeps me on new paths forward.

But the need to re-organize and change color palette for this one was big - It had to be done!

The new "Home Sweet Home" with detail pics below.

This is something new I'm working on. 
Lot's of tree branches and an owl amongst other creatures (not seen here).
I've been working on this for sometime now. I'm just not pleased with it yet, but I'm getting there! Detail pic below. 

Jan 5, 2015

New video release!

The music video I completed last autumn for Sebastian Mullaert has finally been released! 
The new year started good! 

I started creating the concept look and illustrations in August and together with my fellow Hyper Island alumni and friend Ann, we began animating in September. It was blood, sweat and tears, especially during the last week or so...but I think it turned out really good so it was definitely worth it!
Have a look: 


Official video for "Chant de Paris" by Sebastian Mullaert. T
his is a short video version of the original track.

Art Direction & Animation by Carolina Grönholm -
Animation by Ann Rubin -

The illustrations got a cleaner look than I usually tend to create but I thought it would look great animated. 

Best wishes for 2015!

Dec 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

God Jul, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!

Best holiday wishes from the sunshine coast in Spain,

Dec 12, 2014

St. Lucia

Tomorrow is one of the shortest days of the year. The sun rises at 8.30 am in the morning and sets at 2.45 pm. This never ending darkness can be depressing sometimes... Tomorrow is however St.Lucia day here in Sweden! A lovely old tradition of light "festivities" with Lucia in the center with candles in her hair. 

Below, originally made for a short commissioned video.


Nov 15, 2014

IF:Theatre - Family House On Vacation

I keep drawing houses. This was originally for a short animation I started on early last spring, hoping I'll finish it someday. I've added some coloring and details in the background. This illu will also be added as a print in my nordic and international shop. A few seconds are included in my animation reel below if you're curious of how it looks animated. 


Oct 24, 2014

Cornflake Girl

I was commissioned to make a exclusive illustration for Kellogg's. There was also a limited number of 15 signed prints made for a event together with Swedish Red Cross. 

Ibland behöver vi "vuxna" bli påminda om den underbara fantasivärld som barn 
så enkelt målar upp i sitt inre. Det var min tanke och idé bakom illustrationen. 

Aug 16, 2014

"Home Sweet Home"

     I'm drawing and dreaming of houses. This is a little animation short I did earlier this spring.
"Home Sweet Home"



Jul 31, 2014

Fox + Hare

As some of you may know, I graduated from Hyper Island - Motion Creative this June (yay!) and since then I've been busy having a well deserved summer break but I also managed to draw a bit. I'm currently working on different projects such as an animated music video, illustrations for an exhibition in August and a lot of personal projects. Many of them will be finished and released this fall. Below, Red Foxy Fox and Pink Lepus. Available as prints in my shop. 

Jul 21, 2014

Pet portraits SALE! LOVE!

I do love drawing someone's loved pet, either it be a dog, cat, hedgehog or the cutest little pig. All animals are wonderful to draw and the most fun is to bring out that special trait from their personality. Or have the pet be in a another place and space in the drawing. One thing I always wished for but never gotten the chance to do is to draw animals in people's clothing. 
I've been somewhat close, drawing cats in superhero capes and in roller-skates

During the rest of July I will draw your beloved pets with clothes, or without, in space, 
in the wild, as a lion. Just the way you want it. 
I'm reducing the price from $200 USD to $130 USD throughout the entire month in my Etsy shop

Here are examples of commissioned drawings:

Thank you everyone for your love and support! 

May 11, 2014

SuperSculpey modeling - first try

I recently started a new personal project with clay. I've heard so much about how amazing it is to model in SuperSculpey clay so I thought I'd try it out for the first time. It wasn't easy especially with all the little details I was working on and the clay had a sort of wax feeling to it. Not the same feeling as when working with pottery clay. The outcome before the painting turned out pretty good but the painting did not. Below is a couple of work in progress pictures and also how it turned out, half of it anyway. I think I'll repaint it in a matte white. 

Mar 25, 2014

Once I Was, short animation

Wow, almost 2 months have passed since my last blog update! I've been busy with school and my internship at a studio as motion designer began a couple of weeks ago. It's all very new and all very exciting. I'm living most days in Malmö (a southern part of Sweden for you who's not familiar with the area) and on weekends in Stockholm. Here's a short animation I finished in early January. 
"Once I Was", same story like my fox illustration with the same title.

Feb 8, 2014

A Hyper Island Student Project

Here's the whole animation my group did for the Hyper Island school project "Human Billboard".
 Our client was Oliver & Eva and our theme was fetishism, we chose to portrait one of the most common ones:

We got the chance to show our animation short movies at a the best commercial spot in Stockholm, on the big screen at Stureplan. We were 8 teams who produced 8 different short movies and themes of sexual minorities. 

Jan 26, 2014

Fun little booklet

I got a little surprise gift in the post mail the other day! A fun little booklet of 37 "selfies"drawings made by Roberto. They're so much fun to look at. Here's one of my favorites:

Jan 12, 2014

"Paths That Cross" - New animation short finished

So I just finished a new animation short! It feels like a great start of the new year.
Hopefully plenty more of this and new stuff will come.

As always, my inspiration to create comes from music: 


Dec 26, 2013

Sneak peek of new animation project

Oh boy, I haven't blogged for over a month! It's the Christmas holidays and I finally have time to rest, eat fat christmassy food, spend time with my little family and yes - blog a little too!

This is some short clips of our latest group project at Hyper Island we did before the holidays. The shower scene and watery text was my first tries of animating frame by frame in flash and was made as part of a short 30 sec movie for the client Oliver & Eva. I'll post the movie here as soon as I'm able to show it.

Hope you're having a great holiday, 
Wishing you a wonderful new 2014!

Nov 17, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to me and my sisters exhibition "Between Sisters"
during these past three weeks!
It went really good with a couple of paintings sold and I'm looking forward to do more design together with Nancy. We talked about making some new work within this theme even before the exhibition was happening, developing it with new drawings and have another exhibition together later on. 

Here are some of the drawings:

And these two are some of my favorites by my sister. They got sold!

Wishing you a great Sunday!

Oct 27, 2013


Last week was exhibition week for me. Apart from the exhibition with my sister "Between Sisters", my class had a 3 weeks project with an end result of an big exhibition. 
Pictures and videos from the events below.

"Systrar emellan" - Finns att se på Skarpnäck's Kulturhus fram till den 12e November.

The entire wall with our paintings the night before opening.

From the opening day. Me and my sister Nancy! Click here to see her blog.

The night before preparing the paintings.

 Our school group project had the theme "Distortional Evolution". We chose to project our animations and videos onto three frames hanging on the wall in our cozy living room we set up for the night of the event. This was a three weeks project which ended with an 6 hour exhibition. Overall we were 2 classes with over 100 students sharing a big space with different rooms.  

This is one of three 15 sec animations I did from an drawing and it's one of the first things I did in Adobe AE, but working on something new!

Experimenting filming an octopus arm was different...

One of the other short clips I did had a city shown in day light vs nigh light and turning into an destroyed darkened city. I was working in Illustrator and After Affects for this one. 

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