Mar 3, 2015

Green Isle Studio, our logo

We're officially open for business! Nancy and I've been working together on various different projects for a couple of years now. It's only recently we decided to have a brand name, Green Isle Studio.  Green Islet is our given last name on English. It's very common in Sweden with names coming from nature, like for example "meadow-twig" or "Sea-flower". Very pretty, right? 

We wanted to have an organic touch to our logo as we feel it's something we stand for and also hints to in our name. We made some decisions of what colors, fonts and feelings we wanted to have with sketches. After that it all pretty much came flowing down onto paper. Nancy has such a lovely watercolor touch to her paintings and I really wanted to incoperate that into our logo. I feel this logo represent us and I'm really excited to show you our new green place! 

We will keep on adding new limited art, originals, hand printed goods and much more. We use Instagram for work in progress, previews and updates. And of course we do have our own 
Green Isle Studio Blog over at tumblr. 

We are have a special opening discount the week through on posters and prints. You don't need no code, you will automatically receive the 20% off when purchasing any paper goods. 
Thanks for all the love and support we received so far! 



roberto M. said...

Congratulations Carolina!!!!!!!!!! Is a very good news!
I leave a comment on Nancy's blog that is also for you. I wish you the best future on this new way!!!!!!!!!!!! my best vibes for you two!!!!!!!! :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you so much Roberto! :-)

Nancy Grönholm said...

Åh du skriver så bra! :) :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Åh tycker du? Jag som föredrar bild framför text, har aldrig känt mig bekväm i det skrivna riktigt :-)

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