May 11, 2014

SuperSculpey modeling - first try

I recently started a new personal project with clay. I've heard so much about how amazing it is to model in SuperSculpey clay so I thought I'd try it out for the first time. It wasn't easy especially with all the little details I was working on and the clay had a sort of wax feeling to it. Not the same feeling as when working with pottery clay. The outcome before the painting turned out pretty good but the painting did not. Below is a couple of work in progress pictures and also how it turned out, half of it anyway. I think I'll repaint it in a matte white. 


MrsLittleJeans said...

I say you are very good at do it as if you are painting...Hope you have a lovely week Carolina!

roberto M. said...

In my view this is very good!
And I congratulate you.
in the first photos I thought her eyes were closed. but in the last photo I see that the eyes are open, and they are perfect!
is a self-portrait?

Carolina Grönholm said...

Mona, thank you so very much! I guess practice makes perfect, but I need more time! ;-)

Have a great week!

Roberto, thank you! Yes, you are absolutely right - it's supposed to be myself as a tiny little person ;-D

Wishing you a great day!

Carolina Grönholm said...
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