Feb 5, 2008

Birthday present

I made this tote bag in black and blue for my friend Filip for his birthday. I was looking for fabrics a couple of weeks ago to make this idea complete and saw this intense blue fabric and thought of Filip. The thought was that he could carry books in it, but anything really. The strap was made long for carry on shoulder. The inside is blue and so are the front side pocket and one of the straps backside. I made a simple embroidery in the same blue color on the front and back edges. This was my first bag to make and so I learned a lot from making it and I think bag no 2 will be much better. I'm not planning on sewing one in the near future but it was quite fun doing something new so maybe next time I'll make it more advanced.


Anonymous said...

Den var ju jättefin. Hoppas han blev glad av att få den!

Carolina Grönholm said...

ja det hoppas jag med! och tack förresten!

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