Feb 27, 2008

Hans Arnold

The Illustrations of Hans Arnold is always inspiring to me as I've mentioned before. So I went to his exhibition at Seriegalleriet with Nicole and to my big surprise He, Hans Arnold in person was there! was I a lucky girl or what!? After talking to him a bit I told Nicole I felt like a little girl again having a star struck moment. Haven't felt that in ages! I walked out of the gallery with a signed copy of the childrens book AllraKäraste Syster and a signed poster.
I first noticed his illustrations as a little girl reading AllraKäraste Syster. I don't actually remember the story that much just that it was a sad story about two twin sisters. The story is by Astrid Lindgren. What I do remember is those drawings! so detailed and alive. It left a print in my head and heart. He often did illustrations for horror teen/children books which I absolutely love. He also did that famous vinyl cover for ABBA.
His book Veckans Chock is on my want list.

My sister has now her own blog with her beautiful oil paintings. I'm so proud! She IS inspiration to me. Here's the link The Weekly

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