Mar 14, 2008

Left hand drawings

I did my right hand operation this week and that means rest for two weeks...two whole weeks!!!! I was going mad tonight not being able to crochet or draw as usual but I did what I could and these drawings I did with my left hand of my cat are the results. My mission now is to draw, draw and draw with my left hand and maybe maybe in two weeks I'll be as half good at drawing with my lefty as my righty.

Ink pencil on paper.


Anonymous said...

Grymt kämpat! =D

Anonymous said...

oboy! duktig du var med vänstern. söt tjock kisse.

Carolina Grönholm said...

aaww tack! jag gjorde mitt bästa. Kommer väl fler teckningar med vänster hand snart, förhoppningsvis bättre.

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

This reminds me of exercises I used to do when I was studying. Apparently its also a great workout for your brain.
Great work!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you André!

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