Mar 18, 2008

Oh.. just some crocheted things...

This crocheted cap and scarf was made in February but haven't had the time to put them up here until now. After I was finished with the scarf I thought I might as well do a cap with the leftover yarn. They're both of the same green mohair yarn. I really miss crocheting, I can't wait until my right hand heals enough for me to be as crafty as I usually is. Anyway..I can't just sit and watch tv and I'm reading 3 books whereas one is worth mentioning - Black Hole by Charles Burns - a graphic novel, so I have painted a lot. Oh yes PAINTED, I don't very often do that you see..but late last night when everybody else was sleeping and today right out of bed I did some acrylic painting! It was really fun working with a new material, felt good so there is no stopping me painting with my left hand now!

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