Oct 13, 2008

My creative day ( but still oh so bored )

I'm so bored right now. I did this illo right now but it's not enough. My day today: Woke up before lunch, played with my cat Sau, saw a movie with my friend Mario (new name in the link section, check it out!). It was Woody Allen's latest movie 'Vicky Christina Barcelona'. Penelope Cruz with a hot Spanish temperament also madly in love with Javier Bardem, made her amazing as Maria Elena, Scarlett Johansson was less interesting.
I love these movies about relationships, I'ts a subject I often think of.
After the movie I bought yarn at Vendelas Hantverk for the one black glove I didnt have enough yarn for and dark blue Eskimo yarn for future projects. I got home and made dinner for myself, did some drawings for
different projects that turned out pretty good, and before night I'll probably have that glove completely done.
Tomorrow is back to work....

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