Feb 17, 2009

New Shop Update!

New stuff in the shop! I'm in love with my new white cowl. It's sooooo loose and comfy and cool, makes me not wanting to sell it so I can have it all to myself ! But that can't beat that great feeling knowing someone else hopefully will wear and love it!
The Chain took some time to crochet. I'm sure that if I had knit it it would had taken less time, but I'm really satisfied with it so that don't matter.

Now back to that bamboo hook....

Oh by the way.... I'm still using a borrowed laptop and it's working just fine! maybe I'll even scan some drawings to show!


Malachi Ward said...

You're really cranking out great new stuff!

(Also, boo on broken computers)

erin said...

oh my goodness! these are beautiful too! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! hope to see more of you!

Carolina said...

I'm so Etsy hooked and whenever I have a minute or two I crochet like a maniac, I have tons of ideas I want to produce, let's just hope I get a chance to sell them!
Erin: You will se more of me and I hope I'll get to se more of you as well:)

Fabián Fucci said...

Interesting idea! I want one of those!

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

Wow, I love that chain!

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