Oct 25, 2009

My tools

A friend asked me what kind of crochet hooks I use when I create and so I thought I might as well show them here to whoever is wondering what my tools are. I love my bamboo hooks as they feel so natural to hold and not cold as the other regular ones, but then again the yarn works better with the metallic hooks, I think. The smallest hook at the right (1,5 mm) I only use to crochet with the thinnest threads, the second one (3,5 mm) and the third (6 mm) is the two crochet hooks I use the most. The fourth hook (6,5 mm )I bought in Portland on my vacation (but I just couldn't take a vacation from my crocheting...) is more pointy on the top and is perfect for more tight crocheting.
The fifth (8 mm) is the one I use for my wool shawls and the biggest (12 mm) I honestly rarely use.
The yarn in the picture is a fav wool yarn and I also love that color combo of saffron and grey!


Failspanarn said...

Tack så mycket för infon!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Varsågod! Jag skrev lite om garn också som svar på din förra kommentar:)

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