Oct 31, 2009

Some of my stuff at home

In lack of inspiration I decided to draw some of the stuff I have at home. One of my book shelves filled with books, some sketch books, some vinyls and one of my favorite things at home; my typewriter from the 50's in pale pastel color.
This other "thing"drawn in turquoise is actually an vintage echo box - one of J's sound lovin' gear which I love with all those wheels and meters.
I may come up with more of these If my inspiration goes down the drain again, that is....


michael mikolon said...

Great little sketches, love the color. And winter is on it's way in the Mountains of California and I would like a nice warm hat so do you have boy hats in stock.

Asja said...

i love your typewriter!
and i love the colors you used for drawing. great sketches!

Bri said...

Wow, these drawings are really good! And I love that they are in a non-traditional color.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you all!

Michael - I'm trying out a model of those hats from Peru, with the ear flaps on the side for both girls and boys, and if I'm pleased with the result I'll have them in my shop hopefully in a couple of weeks:)

Anonymous said...

you inspire me
i have never visited your blog before and maybe
ill never do it again but i want to thank you,
thank you for being the candle i needed
too find my way
out of this

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