Jan 19, 2010

Teenage Love...

Oh how I love this movie! En Kärlekshistoria or on english A Swedish Love Story from 1970 made by one of our best directors Roy Andersson. I love that it's honest and truthful and that is so beautifully captured. Also with beautiful and talented actors. Love love love - a must se film!


Rachael Rose said...

ahh! this looks really good!! its called A Swedish Love Story? I don't know of very many films from other countries... any other recommendations?


Carolina Grönholm said...

Yes! It's good! Other Swedish films? If you like old movies I can recommend Nyfiken- Gul or I am Curious Yellow on english, It's about politics & love in the 60's, got a lot attention at the time due to the nudity and the left controversially.
Another really good and old movie is Ingmar Bergmans "Sommaren med Monika" -Summer with Monika.
Two great new movies from Sweden is "Farväl Falkenberg" about a group of friends in the midst of growing up/adulthood and "Let the right one in" about a child vampire, and this movie is so very beautiful!
I can think of many more movies from all of europe both old and new but that would take forever. I'll probably post more about movies in the next coming weeks. Thanks for visiting!

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