Feb 12, 2010

Mae & Camille

I want to introduce to you:
 Mae and Camille!
They're all dolled up just for this portrait.

These lovely ladies are printed on beautiful matte paper with pigment ink for a longer last.
Crocheted frames, that could easily be put in a glass frame or just hang on the wall just like that! 
I love these girls and they were a joy making. I've made a whole series of these that I will put up in the latenightdrawing shop today and early next week.

I want to thank Trishie over att Under Lock And Key for giving me another lovely blog award, thanks sweetie!


Nancy Grönholm said...

roliga! ...är det trosor de har på sig? kiddin! :D

Carolina Grönholm said...

Haha! Jag tänkte också på det:D

Asja said...

these are so lovely, and so very original!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Asja!

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