Mar 26, 2010

Illustration, jewelry, inspiration

I found this frame in a houseware store (yeah I live in IKEA country but we have other houseware stores and shops here too) here in Stockholm, I thought it would look great with my Silly Girl Faces print and it really does. I should have more frames for my illustrations.

Here are my latest crochet ball earrings in black silk thread.

And my latest crochet ball of yarn necklace is back! Not exactly as before, just fewer and bigger crochet balls. 

I took a 7 month break from making these round yarn balls - they're very hard and clever to make and my fingers hurt each time I make these, but it is oh so worth it! don't you think? This necklace and earrings are in my jewelry and accessories shop now!

These jewelry pieces just made me think of the video for "Heartbeats" performed by fellow swede José Gonzalés. I was so in love with this song when it came out a couple of years ago and I still think it's really beautiful.


Asja said...

your silly girls look amazing in a black frame! so great!
believe it or not, we don't have IKEA in Croatia at all :)

Hollie May said...

i dont know if this will ruin the song for you or anything..but that was our wedding song :)

Allt för smyckestillverkning: från pärlor till verktyg och tillbehör! said...


MissMadeline said...

oh, wow. everything is wonderful! your illustration looks amazing, the jewelry is lovely, and i loved the song. :] happy weekend.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks girls!

Asja: well you can depend on that IKEA is coming to your country sometime in the future as well. They're are everywhere!;)

Hollie; oh, that is so cute! and it doesn't ruin anything for me:) it's a love song right?

MissMadeline; Thanks! I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

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