Apr 17, 2010

My new little brooches

I'm so in LOVE with these! I reduced the size of my illustrations to minis and put them in these adorable little frames and put a pin at the back to make it a brooch. I just got back from the fair and the things that sold the most was these little ones. I've just listed 2 of these on the swedish site Signerat and will in the next couple of days also list them in my art shop. The fair went OK, not fantastic and not bad - just OK. One week before payday maybe wasn't a good idea. But I'm trying it out again in two weeks. People enjoyed my illustrations, brooches and pins more than my jewelry so now I know what to bring more of next time. Also I'm considering of printing larger sizes of my illustrations. 


Kim Baise said...

I love your brooches, especially the lavender feather one!!!

Galit said...

Beautiful!! Love them so!

Asja said...

These are really beautiful!

Veerle said...

Yes, the brooches are very cute!
Good idea to incorporate your illustration in your jewellery!
You talk about another fair in twoo weeks... I'm in Stockholm (when the volcano ashes don't cancel my flight) from April 28th until May 3th)... is the fair then? Let me know!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you all!!!
Veerle: I commented on your blog:)

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