Apr 4, 2010

New illustrations

This is the drawing I came up with yesterday, Chandelier Of Envy.
Imagine to have an enormous chandelier with lots of pearls and crystal! Not the regular, rather ugly ones but the eccentric asymmetrical ones. The flying birds are a bit over due...I mean my many future cats would have a ball! but I guess I need an enormous house before I even think the thought of actual having a chandelier first..

Feather Light, pink & brown comes from my illustration collection of feathers, they're coming in more colors too!
These 3 illustrations can be found in my art shop now.


Sarah Knight said...

looks excellent : )

Galit said...

Love these!! The chandlier is just amazing!

trishie said...

Lovely illustrations. i esp love the chandelier!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Galit and Trishie!

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