Jun 27, 2010

School days are over

I've always been very fascinated of storytelling, people's life stories and not just my own family but strangers too! Sometimes when waiting on the bus or tube I get to sit next to one of those old lady's or gentlemen who loves telling their story. Perhaps they feel alone and don't really have someone to listen but I don't mind sitting there, if it's good story I could sit there listening for hours. I haven't had one of those moments in a while now. They are rare and I love them, both the stories and the people who love telling. I found some old school pictures I wanted to share with you. 

Look at the amazing hairstyles these hockey girls got! If I could do that with my hair!
This looks so playful and creative, love the swing horse with the boy sitting. 
This is my favorite. Beautiful photo with adorable little girls! 


Amy said...

You are right- I LOOOVE these photos!! Especially the second and third photos- I love the toys in the second one and the third one is just plain lovely. Thank you for sharing!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Yup - the toys are amazing!

rebekka said...

Great post. I love storytellers too :)

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