Sep 10, 2010

New and Old

I'm home from my vacation in Italy. Pics from that in the week to come, lots and lots! Will be hard to choose just a few. I'm happy to be home, I can hardly stand to think about pizzas and pasta anymore, I'm going have to take my yoga training more seriously now, ha!
Anyway, before the trip I finished making these folded cards both for my swedish shop at Signerat and to my Etsy shop. It's actually an old illustration I did as a Illustration Friday challenge on the theme 100%.
You can see it here
I colored it on my computer, cut and hand folded them. Looks really cute! 
"If not for you
the winter would
have no spring"

is taken from the beautiful song If Not For You by Bob Dylan. Couldn't find the real version but here's a rehearsal clip him singing the song with George Harrison, another great singer songwriter I adore. Here's the clip:


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

men hallå, gelato då?

Carolina Grönholm said...

Haha ja det med.....förätit mig på det helt enkelt. Hur lyckas vissa av Italienarna att hålla sig smala undrar jag? Inte bara en massa bröd hit och dit men supersent också, typ 22.00. Är limoncellon efter maten hemligheten?

Unknown said...

I love the card - the singers, not so much.

Olga said...

Sv: Jag köpte möblerna på en Stadsmissionsbutik i Göteborg. Hänger där ständigt nu! :)
Kanske ofrivillig singel är aldrig kul, hoppas att det ordnar sig.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Writer Lady!

Olga: Typiskt, tyckte det lät för otroligt för att vara i Stockholm :)
Kram tillbaka.

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