Dec 24, 2010

Happy holidays!

feliz navidad!
Time to listen to those embarrassing christmas songs! I hate to tell this to anyone but I love Wham's classic "Last Christmas" and I even admit I somewhat enjoy Mariah Carey's cheesy song "All I want for christmas is you".
 I know. But hey, I LOVE Phil Spectors Christmas record with 
Sooo.... do you have a favourite christmas tune? 


M.M.E. said...

Yay for Wham! Have a wonderful holiday!!

Kim Baise said...

merry christmas! it's my favorite album too! i like darlene love: christmas (baby please come home)

lady thirty said...

god fortsättning på dig!

Carolina Grönholm said...

KIm: Oh yes, that's a good one!

Lo said...

lovely. I'm enjoying your cards!

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