Dec 14, 2010

Latest craft market

Pics from last market here in Stockholm, with very talented ttyr and her amazing rubber stamps. I have 4 of them!
Beside her is the woman behind TomBjornDesigns with her beautiful crocheted necklaces.

Stickan, my table neighbor.

The new thing on my table is the necklace display and it went very well, so I'm listing some necklaces to the art shop soon.

Här är lite bilder från senaste Basar Under i Skrapan med underbara och begåvade människor!


Kim Baise said...

i love her stamps! your boothlooks so sweet with the little lights and hat box<3

MrsLittleJeans said...

I will check her stamps...wishing you LOVE xoxo

k said...

Your display is so lovely!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you so much, have a great week!!!

lady thirty said...

åh, det hade varit kul att komma :)

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