Jan 8, 2011

In a creative hurry

I was a little bit hasty when I changed my blog url a couple of days ago as I stated in my last blog post. I changed it back the next day....after some contemplating. I should learn not to act first and think after, well my other url carolinagronholm.blogspot.com still exist but is now only for testing. I'm thinking of moving my entire blog to WordPress. I'm not sure though, do you guys have any suggestions, can you recommend it?

On the creative side, I've finished a new little birdie brooch.
 Ink pen & pink/white cotton yarn. Also I'm celebrating my 50th sale over at latenightdrawing.etsy.com with a 10% SALE on all items! You need to enter this coupon code: YAY50THSALE in the check out. 

Jag var lite för snabb för mitt eget bästa när jag bytte adressen till bloggen i veckan som jag skrev om i förra posten. Jag bytte tillbaks ganska snabbt dagen efter. Jag borde börja tänka igenom saker innan jag agerar. Min andra adress carolinagronholm.blogspot.com existerar fortfarande fast bara som test just nu. Jag funderar på att flytta hela min blogg till WordPress men jag är fortfarande osäker, men ni kanske vet något bättre som ni kan rekommendera?


Galit said...

Funny you! :)
Why do you want to move your blog?
I love the simplicity of blogger.
I also think your URL is not that important as no one really take a look at it. What I would do if I would care about the URL is buy a domain name and direct whatever blog/platform you're choosing over there.

Oh, and happy inspiring 2011 dear!!! ♥

lady thirty said...

jag tycker att du ska vara där du trivs som allra bäst :D


Carolina Grönholm said...

Galit: Maybe I'm worried over nothing but I've got so many different names for my shops, twitter, and my blog's name are different from my url name and it could be a bit confusing in the end...
But re-directing the blog to another platform is a good idea Galit! This time I think I'll ponder on it for a while first ;)

Lady thirty: Tack för de uppmuntrande orden i dessa snurriga stunder :D

Nabeel's Cosmos said...

awww, this badge is lovely, especially the cute bird. The pink and the off white thread color was a nice choice.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Nabeel's Cosmos: Thank you :)

Emily Claire said...

I am just in love with your artwork!!! You are so creative and unique. I am definitely going to follow you now. :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Aaw thank you Emily Claire! I'm a follower of yours now as well :)

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