Jan 23, 2011

Oh Jack....

I miss The White Stripes, but I love The Dead Weather! 
I kind of miss music... as good music for me is hard to find. I haven't had a "new" band discovery for quite a while now. I need music as I need my sleep and to draw. How terrible boring the music scene would be without Jack White. Oh btw, have you seen the british tv-series Desperate Romantics? Well I'm all for it. If you have seen it you'll know what I'm talking about and get the connection, enough said about that.


Malachi Ward said...

Did you see Jack White play with Wanda Jackson on David Letterman? It was really cool.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Malachi: Oh man oh man, I had to youtube. Found some very cool things through that. I now know for example that Jack produced swedish band and my faves too, First Aid Kit and Dungen!
btw. I love Wanda Jackson's Funnel of Love. Old time fave.

Kim Baise said...

jack white and wanda jackson just played here at the el rey/ hollywood 2 days ago. i love her, she is my idol! jack has been recording lots of my favorite artists. i heard he recorded the's in nashville a few months ago! can't wait to hear that one <3
this is such a fun interview

Carolina Grönholm said...

Kim! Yes I saw that somewhere over at Third Man Records, http://www.thirdmanrecords.com/news.html
I like 'em too.

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