Mar 14, 2011

Nostalgia and inspiration

Some days ago I got reminded of a film I haven't seen for a very long time. It was The Tales Of Beatrix Potter.
All the animals dressed up dancing classical ballet to beautiful orchestra music. Here's a little video I found:

When my sister and I were kids we used to look at this film every time it went on tv, we even had it recorded on vhs so we could look at it whenever we wanted to. I remember loving it and being afraid of some scenes at the same time. I know this film had a profound affect on me as a child and thinking back I know I must have gotten some inspiration from her amazing and delicate work.
 I didn't know back then who Beatrix Potter was and that she was the maker of these characters, I hadn't yet seen these drawings:

So a couple of weeks ago on the subway I saw a poster for a exhibition of her work at Millesgården
and this got me thinking of the film, the inspiration, my childhood and suddenly I was in nostalgia land. I love when that happens, I really have sweet memories of my childhood - and thats even when I met my love J! (that's a story I might tell another time)
Anyway. The exhibition is open till May 15 so I'm going to go! Anyone wanna join? I've always wanted to go to Millesgården but it just haven't come up so this is a great opportunity, thinking late april/early may when the spring flowers are up and shining.

Apropos of inspiration, yesterday was a great day for drawing. I finished 3 original illustrations for the coming exhibition! So I now have 3 more in the midst of making and if super extraordinary inspiration kicks in I'll have some more originals for the shop in april!


Mrs.Rosemary said...

I just can't leave it without a comment)
There's a tradition in my family to watch this ballet film every Easter Sunday. That's why it's soooo lovely to read it now! Seems to me you had happy childhood! And lucky you! Exhibition of works from Beatrix Potter!!!:)
Was it great?

Carolina Grönholm said...

Hello and welcome Mrs.Rosemary!
That's a very lovely tradition :)
I haven't seen the exhibition yet but I'm going there in a couple of weeks with friends and I'm really looking forward to it! Can't wait!

Mrs.Rosemary said...

So sweet! Thank you, Carolina!:)

Hope, you'll write about it... Really interesting!
Have a VERY GOOD time there!!!

PS:and get an amazing inspiration! ;) I love your works!

samantha ramage said...

omg, i used to have peter rabbit plates and teacups! and when i was little mcdonald's gave their books out in happy meals! i have never seen the movie before, it looks amazing!


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