Apr 27, 2011

7 things

Sau welcomes the sunshine in, sitting on the not yet decorated balcony.

Today I'll try and tell you 7 things about me, things you might not know. This is because Galit passed me the Versatile blogger award! Thank you! I'm so honored though I'm not sure if I ever was good at these things...
Here's me giving it a try!

1. I'm not a telephone person at all. I find it very troublesome and strange to talk to people over the phone without seeing the person. I am very grateful for skype.   

2. I want a pug, a black pug and he's name should be Paolo to match my cat girl Sau. Silly, I know! You see, I never been to Sao Paolo but I very much would like too. 

3. Besides making art and design I also work as a movie projectionist at nights. This suits me just perfectly as it's very flexible in hours and I always come up with great ideas from all the movie inspiration I get!

4. I've always wanted to be in a band, I know, this is really really silly - why don't start a band? We'll... I love to sing but I really can't to my disappointment. I've tried learning playing the guitar and bass guitar several times, piano as a child. I guess it just isn't for me. I surround myself with music instead. 

5. My fears are deep oceans and outer space. 

6. I love bubblegum pop music from the 60's and 70's in case you didn't know. 

7. I've appeared in 2 music videos as a dancer. I'm not telling you what they are.

Pheeew....That was hard! 

I'm passing this on to Cristina, Fee and Nancy with no obligations of course!


Rick Forrestal said...

OK, I am totally with you on #1 -- preferring to talk to someone in person (boo, phones)...and I hate texting even more.

Sao Paulo is a fantastic city, where MUSIC seems to be the most important thing. Maybe you can go there and find a band to join! Good idea?

And I'm totally afraid to swim in the ocean, UNLESS I go snorkeling and can see what's beneath me. Make sense?

Drive us crazy, then, and DON'T tell us which music videos you've danced in. What a tease!

And I love that photo of your cat. Great shot.
Pheeew....I'm done.

Nancy Grönholm said...

lol, so that's where the name Paolo came from - I never made the connection!
Hey, why don't we start a band anyway, maybe we'll become famous for not being able to sing. Or play instruments. And only one of us can dance. ;)

Dang you, I have to find 7 more things about me?! I'm really not that interesting, you know. I'll have to start making things up...

Carolina Grönholm said...

Rick: texting is hard, music in Sao Paolo sounds like a dream! Snorkeling is lovely if I still see sand....Once outside Bali when snorkeling I got to a steep where nothing more existed, just darkness. It scared my to death! I could feel myself being dragged out further more down in the darkness and the cold water. I somehow managed to get back to the little beach. I even get the shivers when thinking of it...
I'm glad you liked the photo of Sau, thank you for your comment!

Nancy: Haha, I thought you knew about the name! Start a band...With what, just our voices? That would be kinda cool (if we could sing that is...:)) I'm sure you can come up with 7 things!

karuski said...

Du är så söt!
And I'm with your on #4, it sounded just like me. I better stay in the audience, I'd say LOL.

Annis said...

Hi! thanks for your nice comment on our blog! i really love the brooch :-) and i've started to also write in english so other poeple can understand too!
Annis from handgehaakt.blogspot.com

Carolina Grönholm said...

Minna: Lol! :D

Annis: Great! I'm looking forward to not just see all the great photos but also the text:) see you!

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