May 20, 2011

New, everything!

I've been so terrible bad on posting this week. I've had a lot on my mind and lots to do and after all summer is here and I really can't keep myself from doing summer activities like taking long walks in the sun, picnicking in parks and so on...
But between sun and work I've finally made a Facebook company page! I've had second thoughts about this though...I've wanted to gather all my creative work and shops to this page under my real name otherwise I would have had 3 different ones! An advise for you; don't have lots of shops, blogs, twitter accounts and what not - it gives you headaches and to much to deal with, at least if you represent yourself without any help. I realized that people who like my shops perhaps don't know what my personal name is and that it could be troublesome finding me. But for you my dear blog friends who wants to follow me on Facebook - I will have giveaways, special offers and discounts and much more. In fact, the first 10 to follow me over there will get free shipping on prints 
in my art shop Late Night Drawing

Use this code when checking out: FACEBOOKFIRST10

Click the "like" button on the left side bar of the blog if you would like to join me, I hope to see you there!
On other things,
I've just got home some new stickers and I think they look absolutely fab, I will have them up in the shop next week. 

Jag har öppnat ett Facebook konto för mina butiker där jag kommer att ha rabatter och ge bort fina saker. Om du vill delta så kan du joina mig genom att trycka på Facebook "like" knappen som finns här till vänster om bloggen. Hoppas vi ses!


MrsLittleJeans said...

Hi Carolina, I know what you mean by having too many things even though I don't sell anything. I have facebook but not a big user anymore, don't have time. I check once in a while, and the same with twitter. I cannot do my work if I have to check everything all the time. Having said that I became your facebook fan, you know I am one. Enjoy summery things! xoxo

Carolina Grönholm said...

Exactly! I need to find a balance. At least I'm not bothered with Flickr anymore ;)

ps. Thanks for following me! I can't find you on twitter - I would love to follow you. BUT I did found another MrsLittleJeans there!

Kim Baise said...

haaa! i had to forget about flickr and twitter for a while too...too much is too much. i really like your new stickers! congrats on your fb page too

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Kim!

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