Jul 10, 2011

Latest club poster

For the hip hop club STEEZ based in Umeå, Sweden. 
(click on pic for a close up)

LOVE making poster art and I'm very much so interested in producing more so if you have an idea or want a poster for an event then i'm your girl! 

Have a fab sunday!


k said...

that is so good...it would definitely catch my eye!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Krystal! I hope it will :)

Olga said...

Så jäkla grym och annorlunda. Älskar 40-50 tals känslan över den när den är till en hip hop club.

Galit said...

Beautiful! I love your colours Carolina! So relaxing and yet catch the eye!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Åh Olga, tack! Kul att du gillar den!

Galit, Thank you! I'm in love with this color palette right now:) btw, love your new photo!

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