Dec 18, 2011

Small details

Behind every small business lies a lot of work on small detailing. It takes a lot more time than what you first imagine, especially when you do everything by your own hand. In a way it's charming in that sense that there's no machinery involved except perhaps your own printer. It has always been a goal for myself to make art by my own idea and hand and not be supervised/controlled by any teacher, school or product maker in a cheap production country. (I would only get depressed and loose my creativity...) If possible this is what I would like it to be in the future as well. Perhaps hard but I will try. I admire people who actually goes through the pain and competition at art schools, but it's just not for me. Maybe when I'm 40! who knows? but really not now.

Photos "behind the making".
I've got a great big tripod but with a less good camera for my product photography. I hope I can change that in a near future.

New screen printed labels - with my name on!

Mini sized transparent dangle labels for my jewelry.

Paper labels (On Swedish) for my screen printed totes.

Recycled packaging for my mini jewelry.

Orders to send off to my sweet customers.

And last, I know I haven't posted any photos of the group exhibition I've been in the last couple of weeks. I wanted to but the spotlights on that wall was not good for my camera. Yup, again - I've got a rubbish camera.
This poorly below is what I could get.

I hoped you liked my little "behind the scenes" post, someday I'll even post photos of my work place. It's crazy but I don't even have a real workspace! It's wherever I find a somewhat empty space in my one bedroom apartment, except for the screen printing studio I'm sharing. I'm working on getting a corner at home - just have to get rid of some clutter/collections/instruments/furniture....There you go! with no romanticization.

Happy 4th Sunday of advent!


k said...

i did like this post!

karuski said...

I can totally understand what you say about making everything by oneself.Myself I do enjoy having the control but sometimes it just gets so overwhelming, one can do only so much. Everything you do looks very professional, love it :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Krystal!

Minna, I recognize that overwhelming feeling :D
and thank you, I do appreciate your feedback!

I hope all is good with you and your tummy :)

Kim Baise said...

well said! i admire all your handwork. you have really been working and i love the paper labels for your totes <3

Nancy Grönholm said...

å så fint!

Bose said...

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