Apr 22, 2012

New portfolio look

Recently I've been working on a new online portfolio and this week I finally finished it! 

Perhaps you've noticed my new blog banner? New too! 

Cupcake love....
I've been drawing some yummy cakes this past week. It's for a coming collaboration with a local business/bakery. This is just a draft but a little something to drool over and get tempted...to bake and eat! 
(made a little carrot cake for myself soon after this was made..:D )

Do you have any favorite cake recipes? 
Would love to try something new!

Have a great week,


illustration poetry said...

oh yaaayyy congrats!!!
it is looking awesome, great design as well :)))

what a lovely cupcake drawing btw <3
oh do you like brownies?
in my country, there is another recipe for brownies, i dont know if you have heard of this, it is steamed!
you can read the recipe here:


xxoo, have a nice day!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you! :)

Brownies, yes please! Wow thanks, I'll check that out - I have never heard of steamed ones!

Have a nice week :)

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