Jul 22, 2012

Nerdy Playful vs. Clean Modern

This is me. In my private life and work life. It reflects on everything I do and I may seem scattered to some, I mean I sometimes feel that way myself...If you believe in astrology I guess I should have been born in the sign of gemini and not of virgo. Here are some work examples:



You can find some of my nerdy playful totes and clean modern scarves in my Etsy shop: Latenightdrawing
( I now have a 10% discount on all things with the code SUMMER2012. )

eller i min svenska Nordic Design Collective butik: a Creative Cat by Carolina Grönholm

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


Joyce said...

Cute items :) I really like the totes. Seems like a good bag for casual wear.

keep in touch :)

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Kim Baise said...

i love that you are scattered!! never boring or doing the same thing. it's always several projects going on with you. exciting and inspiring to follow your posts
and perfect (everything you do :)
ps: your totes and scarves are wonderful!!!!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Hi Joyce! Thanks, yeah they're really good for everyday wear :)

Kim! You are too sweet :)

k said...

i heart your scarves.

Galit said...

You made me laugh with your cute post :) I love your style and son't think you're scattered! You're diverse!! and creative so you express it in different ways. But also, we're women! we supposed to have million different faces and facets!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Haha I'm glad to have made you laugh! :D
Thank you thank you Galit, I was hoping for "diverse" :)

Thanks Krystal!

k said...

everything is looking great!

sohirach said...

lovely post and lovely blog girl! keep 'em comin'! :)

love, rach.

Havok Designs said...

i just love your totes + scarves!! someday, oh, someday ;)

Meream said...

Those look wonderfully done! Also, the print of the scarves remind me of choco chic cookies, which are the best, of course :)

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