Oct 18, 2012

Project DIY

Thought I'd share my latest DIY project consisting of a thrift store sweater in beautiful red and a lace ribbon. 
Easy as pie! 
The thing that made me come up with this idea was that the neck width was too small for me and instead of hiding it away at the bottom of the drawer like so many other half finished projects I decided this sweater was to lovely to be forgotten. 
I started with cutting of the neck part of the sweater and making the hole to a preferable size.

Gathered my favorite lace ribbons, in this case I decided to use the one at the bottom. 

I folded and pinned the edges. Sewed twice with the machine. 
I then sewed on the ribbon by hand right under the front edge.
I chose to only have a strip of ribbons between the collarbones but it could go around the whole neck too, it's just a little more work!

The ending result. Looks cute, right?

Now is the time to start creating!



MrsLittleJeans said...

Very nice...how did it not become undone! It looks very nice. And the cat on top of it is beautiful too : )

illustration poetry said...

i think thats lovely and i want to give your cat a hug ^___^

illustration poetry said...

i had problem with my gmail account, sorry for re-following you, haha :D


k said...

it turned out really cute!! perfect solution. p.s...thanks for the congrats on wesley!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Mona: Thanks, I was very careful about that and quickly folded the edge and pinned it :)

Illustration poetry: oh you're sweet :)

Krystal: Thanks, I'm reconstructing clothes all the time now. Can't stop ;D

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