Apr 3, 2013

New handprinted TRIANGLE tote and scarf

Earlier this year over at Instagram, I asked people which color combos they prefer and many told me it was pink and grey which was pretty great as that's one of mine favorites too. I mixed some colors together and voila! the result became a scarf and a tote. The bag on the picture will come in the same pink and grey mix as the scarf below very soon. As i'm in the process of making new scarfs I thought I would ask you about which shape you prefer - square or long rectangular for a scarf/shawl? Comments about this are VERY welcomed! Thanks!

I just had to throw in some gorgeous yellow, my favorite color! 

Inspiration for today from Pinterest is: (this would make such a great painting....very tempting!)

Source: ashleeraubachphotography.blogspot.com via Rivet & Sway on Pinterest



MrsLittleJeans said...

Great colors...peachy pink and grey...yellow and grey....and I too love that last picture. Happy Wednesday Carolina x

Carolina Grönholm said...

They a great combo, right? Thanks Mona!

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

the yellow wins me over every time ;-)

I would normally say long and narrow for a scarf but love your square scarves with so much visible pattern...not much help am i?!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks so much Karen! all comments are welcome.
Indeed, one can't have enough of yellow :)

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