Aug 31, 2013

First showreel - Motion Creatives '14 Stockholm

It's been a month of full speed into different projects, group work and a lot of fun. 
I'm so proud of our class, it's been hectic with very short deliveries with every brief and we've managed to complete all of them with excellent work and presentation. 

Our first showreel is up for viewing! 
Take 48 creative people from different countries and backgrounds,
give them two days to present themselves as a class.
This is what you get!
                               Introducing MOTION14STO from MOTION14STO on Vimeo.


k said...

what an awesome video, seriously impressed! i'd be proud!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Krystal, I appreciate it! :)

roberto M. said...

Hey, I like it, you took part in this creative group?

Carolina said...

Thanks Roberto! Yup, this is my class and we did it together :)

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